HUMN310: World Politics and Globalization (PhilaU Online) 

This is one of the first videos I did in After Effects. This is a course intro video, which students watch when beginning the online course. The purpose is to give them an overview of the course, as well as build interest and excitement about the course material.

COM240 - Building a Useful, Safe Online Social Footprint (Post University)  

This is actually the first video I created immediately after learning the basics of After Effects. This is another course intro video, this time for a communications class.

ASSA ABLOY Human Resources Presentation

This was a Flash movie I created for the President of Human Resources to present at a meeting. I worked with him to manage a script and storyboard. Then I set up a recording booth, and recorded and edited his narration. I then illustrated and animated everything in Flash. I synchronized the audio and animation to create the final product.

ASSA ABLOY eBusiness Promotion

I worked directly with the Director of eBusiness to come up with a promotional movie intended to explain the new eBusiness methods being introduced to the company. I synchronized my Flash animation with the professional narrator's audio files. The resulting video was launched virally to the company. 

IN120 Product Promo

This is a quick promo video for the ASSA ABLOY IN120 lock. This would play on large screens at tradeshows, and also on the web. It's pretty much just eye candy, and the aim is just to create some visual excitement around the product displays.